Way back in January iMore mocked up the iPad 5 for you, which essentially looked like the same 9.7-inch screen in a much, much svelter iPad mini-like body. We've seen various parts leak out since then, lending credence to what we'd heard, and here's another video showing off what's alleged to be just that again, alongside the next generation iPad mini, which they claim or assume will be Retina. Unbox Therapy on YouTube:

In this video we get a closer look at what might become the iPad Mini Retina edition. We also compare the dimensions of the new iPad Mini against the dimensions of the next gen "iPad 5" that was leaked in yesterday's video.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record - er... corrupted MP3? - last year Apple had to choose between lightness, battery life, and Retina and they could only have 2 of the 3. iPad 3 and iPad 4 got Retina and battery life, iPad mini got lightness and battery life. This year it looks like Apple has put the technology together to nail all three.

Should be an exciting October. My question remains this: If the iPad mini is Retina, and the iPad 4 is light, which one will you get?

Source: YouTube via 9to5Mac