Up Next helps you logically decide what order you should complete tasks in

Up Next is a new type of task app that not only lets you enter todo items, but helps you decide when it's best to complete them. By using your location and the current time of day, Up Next looks at context to help you save time and complete your day in a more efficient manner.

When you first launch Up Next, it can import your existing appointments and reminders from the built-in Calendar and Reminders apps. After that you can start managing them through Up Next. If you've set up reminders or events with locations, it imports that information too.

To enter a task in Up Next just tap on the plus sign. You can add people to a task, add a location, and set a time. If you need to remember to do something before a specific time of day, you can easily tell Up Next that information so it can order your tasks appropriately. Up Next automatically updates your tasks in the order it thinks you should complete them. Tasks with certain time frames show the time as well.

If you happen to try out Up Next, let me know what you think in the comments!

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