The iPhone 6 may be the hot new Apple device most of us are waiting on, but we shouldn't forget that there will probably be new iPads at some point this year too. Case in point, the images up top purport to show to the rear shell of the next iteration of the iPad Air with some subtle design changes.

If indeed this does belong to the "iPad Air 2" then we could be looking at a number of small tweaks including recessed volume buttons, a repositioned, rear facing microphone and larger speaker holes down the bottom. It also doesn't appear to have a cutout for the mute switch, but since we don't know for sure – at least, not until Tim Cook holds it up on stage – whether this case is legit, take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Not a great deal is known about any future versions of the iPad Air at this point, and this could, maybe, possibly be the real deal we're looking at here. Or it might not. But if it is we could be looking at a mild refresh with a probable internal spec bump. Do you like what you see here?

Source: Sina Weibo via