According to a new report, Intel is ramping up efforts to get its LTE modem chips inside of the next iPhone. And if true, Intel appears to be quite serious in its push. From VentureBeat:

Intel now has a thousand people or more working to outfit a 2016 iPhone with its lauded 7360 LTE modem chip, sources say. If all goes well, Intel may end up providing both the modem and the fabrication for a new Apple system on a chip.

The report goes on to mention that, although Apple hasn't yet signed an agreement with Intel to provide LTE modem chips in the next iPhone, it may very well dual-source modems for the iPhone 7 from Intel and, current supplier, Qualcomm.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumblings of an Intel LTE modem making its way into the iPhone. In 2013, for example, a report detailed that Apple was looking for alternate suppliers for its radio chips. Then, earlier this year, a similar rumor popped up stating that Intel would provide a modem chip for the 2016 iPhone. While nothing is certain, and we're still a ways off from seeing anything concrete regarding an iPhone 7, such a move would represent a big blow to Qualcomm, which has been Apple's go-to supplier for the last several years.

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