A few NFL teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, might soon be joining the 21st century by adopting of iPads to replace their paper playbooks and game-day printouts. This could help keep some teams from using over 5,000 pieces of paper per game!

Not only would this help save some trees but think of the possibilities for the teams as well. No longer will they need to wait for a photo of a defense to be printed out -- they can get those pictures wirelessly on their iPads with the ability to zoom in for details. Also maybe they could get video of a great play for the players to take a look at and see what worked for them. All of this would be live and in the moment with annimation and depth rather than printed on a piece of paper.

One thing halting the process as of now is teams aren't exactly sure how secure the iPad really is right now. Yes they know it can be remotely wiped so if it was lost all their plays wouldn't be public knowledge but they want to know no one will be able to gain remote access to their intellectual property (their plays). Other tablets could take the iPad's place with the NFL if teams decide they are overall safer to use than the iPad so hopefully they figure it out or maybe Apple can help reassure them of their safety.

Would you like to see your favorite team sporting iPad's on the sidelines or are you a traditional fan and think there isn't a need for them on the sidelines?

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