Despite not officially scheduled to go on sale until tomorrow, the new Nike+ Fuelband SE has now gone on sale at the Apple Store for $149.95. All sizes from the U.S. store are showing a 1-3 day shipping time, and you get to choose from a delightful range of accent colors including black, pink, yellow and red.

The Fuelband SE looks very much similar to its predecessor, but with Bluetooth 4.0 on board this time around along with a bunch of new features – some of which will be coming to the original via a firmware update.. Due to the hardware requirements for the Fuelband SE, you'll need to own an iPhone 4s and above to be able to pair it with the companion iOS app.

With the new Fuelband and the new app, Nike has gamified the experience somewhat. You're now able to compare your scores to those of your friends, and see who's the most active. If you're into that sort of thing.

Buy yours now at the link below, and stay tuned to iMore as we'll have a full review of the new Nike+ Fuelband SE coming up in the near future. Are you buying? And if you're an original Fuelband owner, do you see anything that makes you want to upgrade?