If you are a Twitter addict and are following Trent Reznor (Yes, it really is the one and only TR), you would be well aware that the official Nine Inch Nails application is making it's way onto the App Store any time now, for FREE.

You may be thinking "many bands have apps in the App Store", which may be true. But to be honest, they are pretty poor attempts. If anyone can get a iPhone application done the right way, it would be Reznor.


blockquote>"Anyone who's an executive at a record label does not understand what the internet is, how it works, how people use it, how fans and consumers interact — no idea, I'm surprised they know how to use e-mail. They have built a business around selling plastic discs, and nobody wants plastic discs any more."

For a full run down on the app from the man himself be sure to check out the video on wired.com. This is an app that any NIN fan will not want to miss.

If you're Bono, however, you're well warned to avoid this one, especially after yesterday's RIM shot...

[Via Wired.com and thanks to Phil for the title!]