The idea that Nintendo should make games for iOS has been floated for a while now. Many disagree. I don't. It's not so much that their market share is declining, but that it's being converged out of existing by a confluence of ever-improving mobile devices and ever more encompassing living room boxes. In that regard, John Gruber compares them to BlackBerry, a once dominant player now struggling because the business changed and they didn't change with it. He also compares it to iTunes on Windows, something Apple was smart enough to embrace, and reaped considerable rewards from. From Daring Fireball:

Here is what I'd like to see Nintendo do.

Make two great games for iOS (iPhone-only if necessary, but universal iPhone/iPad if it works with the concept). Not ports of existing 3DS or Wii games, but two brand new games designed from the ground up with iOS's touchscreen, accelerometer, (cameras?), and lack of D-pad/action buttons in mind. ("Mario Kart Touch" would be my suggestion; I'd buy that sight unseen.) Put the same amount of effort into these games that Nintendo does for their Wii and 3DS games. When they're ready, promote the hell out of them. Steal Steve Jobs's angle and position them not as in any way giving up on their own platforms but as some much-needed ice water for people in hell. Sell them for $14.99 or maybe even $19.99.

It's a great piece, and something that those who love Nintendo as it was need to realize if Nintendo is going to continue to be - their old business is over, the only thing that matters is their finding a new one. Maybe they can do that with their own hardware, but maybe that's not the only thing they can do. BBM is going platform, arguably too late. Hopefully that's not a parallel that will hold.

Source: Daring Fireball