No, Apple didn't 'leak' a 13-inch iPad Pro with stylus on their website...!

For a while now we've been getting innumerable tips about a supposed 13-inch iPad Pro — with stylus no less — being "leaked" on as part of their most recent supplier responsibility report. We've gotten a dozen or so today alone. Here's the thing: Apple doesn't leak unannounced products. The odds of a new iPad appearing in a throwaway graphic — when no event is even in sight — is as close to absolute zero as the temperature in deep space. What you're looking at above is just the lid assembly of a MacBook and a markup tool. Nothing less and certainly nothing more.

We could go on and on about the Apple logo placement, the translucency rather than etching, the design language, etc. etc. but it really is just as simple as that. We absolutely appreciate all your tips, and love that you're as excited about potential future Apple products as we all are, but if and when any leaks come, they almost certainly won't be from Apple. They do their business on the keynote stage.

In the meantime if your friends are sending you links to the image above, send them back links to this!