There seems to be some confusion this morning over Apple's day two 12 Days of Gifts offering, so let's clear things up. No, Apple hasn't listed todays gift for £12.99 – or whatever it might equate to elsewhere – it is definitely listed for free. Yes, tapping view gift takes you to something priced at £12.99, but that isn't the gift.

Take a closer look at the image above, where "Kalahari" is clearly displayed, an episode from the BBC series "Africa". Tap on the same episode when you're sent to the iTunes Store and you'll see that it is indeed a free download. Apple's mistake isn't pricing their gift, Apple's mistake is not taking you directly to the episode that's free.

And that's all there is to it. Of course, you might be seeing a different gift to us British folk and wonder what all the fuss is about anyway, but there it is. No price slip, just not the best redirect we've ever seen.