No iWatch, new Apple TV hardware at WWDC

We've been hearing rumors about the fabled Apple iWatch and the mythical new Apple TV for what seems like an eternity and a half, and according to the latest report we're going to have to keep waiting. If you somehow thought that WWDC 2014 would see Apple showing off one or both of those, you're about to be let down.

Announcements at WWDC have for the past several years centered on software. This year is expected to be no different, with an overhauled OS X 10.10 'Syrah' and iOS 8 expected to play a starring role. Re/code's John Paczkowski's sources say that we shouldn't expect to see either piece of hardware, nor the software they'll be running, previewed next month:

Tim Cook will not use WWDC to unveil Apple's mythical wearable device. Nor will he use it to show off a new Apple TV, or even preview the new software the company is developing for it.

And that should come as little surprise. There will be plenty to cover between the two software updates, and the launch of an iWatch will no doubt be tied to the launch of the iPhone 6. And there's doubtless plenty of work left to be done on both the wearable and the TV. When they're ready they'll be ready, and not a moment sooner.

Source: Re/code's