With each new iteration of iOS that gets released, there has almost always been the question of when a jailbreak will be available to cover it. For the past little while though, it seems as though that question has kind of died off much like how new jailbreak releases have themselves seemingly died off.

I used to jailbreak every iOS device I had as soon as one was available but eventually I grew tired of waiting and moved on. These days, I'm pretty much over them but what about those folks who say they 'need' jailbreak? Are they running around with outdated software on their devices? And what about those folks who want to jailbreak but for whatever reason aren't able to do so? 

iOS7 does make it easier to go without a jailbreak. Will probably still do it when it becomes available. mpham2, iMore Forums Member

iOS 7 arguably brought a lot of nice new features that help reduce the desire for such things but there's certainly some folks who would jump at the chance to jailbreak their device if they had the chance, whether it be for a few key apps or functions that Apple still hasn't managed to fulfill in their OS.

The only thing I'll still jailbreak for is BiteSMS. swarlos, iMore Forums Member

So where do you all stand? Are some you really missing jailbreaking your device and really wish you had that capability back or are you like a lot of the folks in the iMore Forums and feel as though iOS 7 covered a lot of the reasons you jailbroke your device in the first place? Let us know in the comments how feel about it all or share your thoughts in the iMore forums.