Sigh. An image capture from last night's terrific 60 Minutes segment on Apple is being circulated on the internet along with the idea that it shows an unannounced Apple Macbook. The image shows Apple's general counsel, Bruce Sewell, sitting in the executive team meeting, with a seemingly bigger-on-the-outside MacBook behind him.

The idea that Apple would, intentionally or accidentally, leak a new MacBook, behind their head lawyer, in front of their CEO and COO, Tim Cook and Jeff Williams, across from the head of product, Phil Schiller, flanked by their heads of hardware engineering and architecture, Dan Riccio and Johny Srouji, and their head of press relations, Steve Dowling, at the door, and umpteen other senior Apple media relations people all around, everywhere is.... silly.

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Apple will absolutely be showing off new MacBooks at some point, but they'll be doing it in typical Apple fashion, not "by mistake" on someone else's air. That's not how Apple rolls. (Though, apparently, after seeing the fuss this morning, it's exactly how Apple's eyes roll so hard.)

Remember, eyes and brains lie to us. They lie all the time. What you're seeing here is what happens with a closely-framed image through a long zoom lens — perspective does funny things like that.

This isn't the first time a random image has led to prototype speculation madness. A few years ago an illustration of an Apple supply chain worker assembling a MacBook screen casing was widely circulated as a "leaked" iPad Pro. A few years before that, a squashed Siri Eyes-Free slide was circulated as a "leaked" widescreen iPhone.

So, please—stop. Enjoy the holidays, and save your energy for March. If this year was any indication, we'll need it!