NoiseHush stereo headphones feature neodymium magnet drivers and advanced engineering to deliver a great audio experience whether used with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. I'm going to review a couple of their models, starting with the NoiseHush NX26 Hi-Fi stereo headphones.

NoiseHush NX26 Hi-Fi stereo headphones review

The NoiseHush NX26 headphones are for high-performance audio that promise deep bass, low distortion and a wide dynamic range. They eliminate noise, making sure no matter what you're listening to, music or video or someone else at the end of a call, you're not distracted by a lot of external chatter. They have an adjustable headband and an over-the-ear design that delivers good sound and strong bass. The microphone also claims to be acoustically tuned to filter out external noise so the people you're talking to hear you, and not the racket around you.

While the NoiseHush NX26 are a lot of headphone to love -- they're big, really big -- but being over-the-ear lets them deliver really rich, really clean sound. They don't fit as tightly as some other headphones, however, so if you're seriously getting your headbang on, you'll need to be careful so you don't know yourself out. (Kidding!)

I use similarly sized headphones for podcasting on a regular basis, so for around the house it really doesn't bother me. I wouldn't use them to go jogging or in the gym, but if I really wanted to enjoy my favorite music or a movie with amazing sound design, these would be the headphones Id' use.

The good

  • Over-the-ear design is comfortable
  • Sound quality is excellent

The bad

  • Loose fitting
  • Large

The bottom line

The NoiseHush NX26 are good headphones for the price. The size and design won't appeal to everyone -- these aren't your Apple earbuds, and thank goodness for that! -- but for those who like the form factor, they'll appeal a lot. Combining long-wearing comfort with excellent sound quality the NoiseHush NX26 are an excellent pair of headphone to keep at home for the stuff you want to listen to most.

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