Nokia ad campaign takes aim at iPhone reception, screen, and build quality

Nokia has kicked off an ad campaign called Smartphone Beta Test, which features mock video clips roughly describing the development process of the iPhone, and suggest that end consumers are just a part of some big public beta test. That's pretty funny considering Microsoft said that Windows Phone would take about five years after launch to fully mature, but let's leave that alone for now. One fictional product manager tries to raise performance issues relating to display quality outdoors, fragility of the phone against impact, and reception issues (better known as the infamous Death Grip). Of course, he's talked down to by two coworkers telling him ridiculous things like "so don't go outside" and feeding him the classic "you're holding it wrong" line.

While you might expect this sort of thing from Nokia, AT&T's participation is surprisingly aggressive considering their close relationship with Apple. One graphic dug up from the site's source code shows AT&T store locations on a map and a caption that reads "If you've used a smartphone in the last 5 years, it was a tester. To exchange your phone for the Lumia 900, visit an AT&T location today."

I found Samsung's anti-iPhone ads pretty funny, but something about these is just dated. Are we really still trying to bust Apple's chops about antennagate? Anyway, here are the ads. Downvote at will.

Reference: Intomobile

Source: wpcentral