Being iPhone owners, we're suckers for beautifully designed smartphones. So, when Nokia took to the stage in London to showcase their latest and greatest, the Lumia 925, we had to go and take a look. Our buddies over at Windows Phone Central were on the ground throughout the event to bring us all the full story. So, what's the Lumia 925 all about?

The Lumia 925 is an aluminum clad device, packing an 8.7MP camera complete with Optical Image Stabilization. We know Nokia makes good cameras, and they're promising some hardware and software improvements so we'd expect the Lumia 925 to produce some pretty impressive photos. The iPhone 5 camera as we know produces some excellent photographs, so for mobile fans it's great news that camera technology is being pushed across the board.

Nokia is continuing to tie up with big name application developers too. Also announced today, Hipstamatic will be taking their new social-based photo platform, Oggl, to Lumia devices. Oggl has only just launched on iOS, and currently isn't available anywhere else.

Summing up the Lumia 925, Windows Phone Central editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino:

For those of you who dismissing this as just another 920, we’d suggest you reconsider. The phone feels like a Lumia 720 (which we love) but it has the 920 guts inside, making it a very compelling device for those who want a thinner, lighter phone. It’s not an iteration of the 920, but “another expression” of it.

For the full story on the Lumia 925, be sure to pay a visit to Windows Phone Central. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below, does the Lumia 925 attract you in anyway? Could it tempt you from your iPhone?

Source: WIndows Phone Central