Nokia, known primarily right now for their Windows Phone connection, is reportedly planning a full on Nokia Music web app experience for iOS and Android devices according to leaked images out of China. Nokia currently has a mobile specific web site for Nokia Music, but frankly it's pretty terrible and any improvement would be good improvement.

Nokia Music is best described as an iTunes Radio competitor for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. Rather than the Google or Spotify – or indeed Xbox Music – way of searching for and streaming albums, Nokia Music allows you to listen to preset or custom radio stations based on your musical tastes. The premium version, Nokia Music+ costs £3.99 a month and allows unlimited track skipping and unlimited offline playlists. It's a pretty solid music service with a great catalog and something that's very enjoyable to use on Windows Phone.

Aside from some leaked screenshots, all we're presented with otherwise is information that suggests web apps, and that there will also be some form of Mac client as well. Nothing concrete, no purported release dates, nothing else. So it's all speculation at this point, but to check out the images hit up the source link below. Would anyone use Nokia Music if it was more readily available for Mac and iOS?

Source: CTechcn via PhoneArena