In the early days of Apple Maps, and when there was no Google Maps as we know it now, Nokia swooped in and shipped Here Maps for iOS. Nokia has been doing quality mapping software for some time, but now, that time has come to an end with Here Maps being yanked from the App Store. Why? Nokia had this to say to Engadget:

"We have made the decision to remove our HERE Maps app from the Apple App Store because recent changes to iOS 7 harm the user experience. iPhone users can continue to use the mobile web version of HERE Maps under, offering them location needs, such as search, routing, orientation, transit information and more, all completely free of charge."

iOS 7 harms the user experience? Without any further detail, this particular statement is pretty puzzling. It had become pretty buggy in recent times, but then, that's why Apple releases developer betas of new software builds. So developers can test and update their apps. Maybe, Nokia just didn't fancy updating Here Maps for iOS 7?

If you were a big Here Maps user, then you can still get your fix using Safari on your iPhone or iPad, but naturally you'll no longer be able to cache offline areas. Fortunately, you're in good hands because both Apple Maps and Google Maps are available, and neither one is harmed by iOS 7.

So, what do you make of this? Nokia making excuses to pull their app? Or perhaps you were using it under iOS 7 and noticed something detrimental happening within the app? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Engadget