Around a month ago, Nokia threw a little shindig in Abu Dhabi to introduce the world to its massive 6-inch Lumia 1520. I was privileged enough to be in attendance to experience the device first hand, but now as we approach the official launch the reviews are starting to emerge. From Daniel Rubino over at Windows Phone Central:

Between the remarkable 1080P display, the top-in-its-class 20 MP PureView camera and the overall build quality, the Lumia 1520 continues the tradition of excellent, high quality devices from Nokia. It’s a joy to do some actual work on, churn out an email, take (and view) first-rate photos and it makes an excellent GPS navigator.

The Lumia 1520 may be extreme for some, and that’s fine, but for what it sets out to do, it accomplishes that goal admirably.

As far as massive phones go, the Lumia 1520 is an admirable device. Excellent camera, gorgeous display, but ultimately the size could turn some folks away. Apple is now one of the last major smartphone manufacturers out there not to offer a display size at 5-inches and above – granted the same can be said for anything over 4-inches as well. So would you ever want an iPhone as big as 6-inches?

There are of course – as there always are – rumors about what Apple is going to do next, and just recently another surfaced suggesting that Cupertino is exploring the possibility of an iPhone as big as 5.5-inches. Apple is likely exploring all kinds of different options for future iPhones, but that doesn't necessarily mean folks would want them.

So, would you? Or is 6-inches getting too close to tablet size for you? Does Apple need to 'catch up' to the rest or just carry on doing its own thing? Sound off in the comments below, and for more coverage of the Nokia Lumia 1520 be sure to head on over to Windows Phone Central!

Source: Windows Phone Central