Nokia's new Lumia 820 and 920 go cheap to compete against iPhone on AT&T

Nokia and AT&T have announced that the new Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920 will be available for $49 and $99 respectively when they launch this Friday. That puts the more modest Lumia 820 smack in the middle of the free iPhone 4 and $99 iPhone 4S, and the flagship Lumia 920 at exactly the same price point as the iPhone 4S, Apple's year old phone, and fully $100 cheaper than the $299 price for Apple's flagship iPhone 5 with a similar 32GB of storage. Daniel Rubino from WPCentral has all your info:

There is little doubt in our mind that AT&T is making the Lumia 920 the best option with heavy subsidies. Coming in with 32GB of memory, the Lumia 920 is significantly cheaper than the same offering of the iPhone 5 with comparable memory ($299). Throw in a free wireless charging pad and for $99, users are getting a very good bargain for what is arguably one of the most powerful devices on the market today.

Undercutting Apple on price is nothing new. AT&T and Nokia launched the previous generation Lumia 900 for $99 as well and, sadly, it ended up being barely a blip on the radar. The problem with Windows Phone has never been price. It's been a) Microsoft not wanting to market it as something better than the incredibly bad Windows Phone brand, b) carrier reps not wanting to push it over Android, and c) customers not wanting to buy it over iPhone.

Right now, I'm not sure a free price point would move substantially more units of the much larger, heavier, thicker, far better camera equipped, but still very app-contrained Windows Phones.

That's why it remains flabbergasting to me that, even with Halo 4 launching this week, Microsoft still couldn't pull the trigger on Xphone Halo Edition. They couldn't figure out a single way to leverage any of the Halo 4 hype for their mobile platform.

Imagine the phone-branded equivalent to this sitting on shelves between Android and iPhone (or the empty spot where sold-out units would have been.)

Source: WPCentral