NoseDial for iPhone does just what the name suggests -- lets you dial your iPhone with your nose. Sound strange? What else do you do when it’s freezing outside and you need to make a couple of calls on your iPhone? You first have to remove your gloves and risk those cold temperatures, unless of course you have a special pair of gloves that work with capacitive touch screens.

NoseDial shows your contacts in a large button grid with pictures; if you have them assigned to your contacts. To scroll through the list you can just tilt your iPhone  or swipe (with your nose), find the contact you want then touch it again with your nose to dial, simple.

NoseDial needs to be started before you put on your gloves because it has its own standby mode. This prevents the normal Apple Slide To Unlock screen activating after periods of inactivity, this would make life very difficult for nose use. Instead you can wake the phone and get straight back into NoseDial just by double clicking your screen obviously with your nose.

The app is very customizable, allowing you to change the number of contacts shown per page, background images, sorting of contacts and many other things. Unfortunately this only works for phone calls and doesn’t help with email and SMS messages. Also it could all be a bit messy if you have a bad cold which is common place this time of the year!

Can you see yourself using an app like this?

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