CourseNotes for iPad is a note-taking application geared towards students. You can take notes with text and drawings, share them with classmates, and add assignments to you calendar. The recent update includes rich text editing (bold, italics, underline) and Dropbox support.

It's apps like these that make me miss being a student. I was a horrible note-taker and I would've probably done much better in my general-ed classes if I had CourseNotes to help keep me organized and motivated.

Details and screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

Keeping class notes organized is a daunting task for any student. Put an end to unreadable notes on torn up spiral notebooks, and stop paging through your notes looking desparately for that one thing you remember writing that one time... Let CourseNotes be your guide!

  • Take notes with text and drawings
  • Print your notes via AirPrint
  • Organize notes by subject and class meeting
  • Track assignments that sync to your iPad’s calendar
  • Keep a unified ToDo list for each subject
  • Share notes on Facebook for viewing, printing or sharing with friends
  • Export notes via email to yourself or friends
  • Transfer note sessions peer-to-peer with other CourseNotes users
  • Keep a lexicon of terms and definitions for each subject
  • Get in-app studysheets and other educational content

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