Notification Center will receive some good updates in iOS 6 including some new features such as Do Not Disturb and Remind Me Later which will give you even more fine-tuned control over the way you use notifications.

Do Not Disturb will be a welcome addition to many and does exactly what you'd think it does. Toggling on Do Not Disturb will allow notifications to come through but your iPhone or iPad won't make any sounds and the screen won't light up. Anyone who has ever been woken up in the middle of the night to a Words With Friends notification will no doubt appreciate this. This should also keep those pesky text message sounds from interrupting your phone calls. Previously you could only achieve something like this if you jailbroke your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Remind Me Later is also a new addition to iOS and will integrate directly to your Phone app. If you receive a phone call and can't take it right now but want to remember to call that person back later, you'll now be able to tap the new Remind Me Later button. The feature can also use geo-fencing technology to remind you when you get to a certain location if you choose.

Both features will come stock in iOS 6, which will be available this Fall.