Here at CES 2014, there are a ton – literally – of wearable accessories. Razer, known for its PC gaming hardware is the latest company to jump on the ever growing bandwagon with this, the Nabu Smartband. And, perhaps true to Razer's roots, it wants to make a game out of tracking your activities as well as offering up wrist based notifications for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

There's nothing special about the band itself, since it's just a band. But, the Nabu has two independent screens, both of which can deliver notifications to you from your smartphone. The 'Public Icon Screen' shows just minimal information such as a phone call item to show someone is calling you. This sits facing upwards, while facing away on the inside of your wrist is the 'Private Message Screen' which gives you more information about the notification. Discretion then for your personal information.

Of course, the Nabu is also an activity tracker, and it goes beyond simple fitness applications. The Nabu will learn to understand your personal preferences, and can work in conjunction with apps on your phone to earn bonus points or even take advantage of deals. It gamifys the experience of activity tracking, allowing you to set small milestones to pass each day.

The Nabu is also iBeacon ready, giving you the opportunity to receive location based 'exclusives' and is made with a soft touch finish, and of course, is waterproof. There's also a developer program which will soon have an SDK available for app developers to hook into the band. We're told it will be on sale in March, and we're pretty curious to try it out and see how it can fit into our daily lives. For more, hit up the official Razer Nabu homepage.