Nova Bluetooth flash now available through Apple's Online Store

Apple has begun selling the Nova, a standalone flash for the iPhone, connected via Bluetooth. Originally funded through Kickstarter, Nova features a range of lighting options to give your photos the best look possible. The Nova is small and thin enough for you to take anywhere.

Nova features fourty LEDs, all set behind the built-in diffuser. The flash is controlled using the NovaCamera app. The app comes with four preset modes, gentle, warm, neutral, and bright. There are also options to customize the flash, giving you exactly the light you need. You can also completely control over exposure and focus, and edit your photos within the app. Nova features a built-in battery, rechargeable with Micro USB.

In addition to Apple Stores, Nova is available through the company's store, as well as a number of retail sites, including Amazon US and UK, and it will be coming to select Apple retial locations later this month.

Source: Apple Online Store

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