iPhone BSOD + Laughing Ballmer

Novell has announced MonoTouch, which will let developers write C#/.Net applications for the iPhone and iPod touch and compile them ahead of time, instead of the usual just-in-time method specifically prohibited by Apple's SDK.

Now, I'll state my bias at the outset -- I'm no more a fan of .Net than I am Flash, Silverlight, or Java. Code interpreters are historically more taxing on hardware and are far, far greater security risks than true native applications (most exploits target code interpreters these days). However, Monotouch compiling these ahead of time likely mitigates most of those factors. Indeed, they're

That said, when TiPb first spoke with developers after the App Store announcement, many of them told us that, not only did they enjoy learning variant languages like the iPhone's native Objective-C/Cocoa, but didn't seem to be having too much trouble picking them up.

That said, no doubt there is a large, maybe even huge pool of .Net developers with no interest in stretching their programming portfolio yet still want to take advantage of the huge mobile platform the iPhone provides.

Bottom line, if they make great apps, and those apps work great on the iPhone, then more power to MonoTouch. Hopefully it easily earns back the $999 per year Enterprise subscription.