Now that we have iOS in the car, how about iOS on cameras? [Poll]

Should Apple bring iOS 7 to cameras? At WWDC 2013 Apple announced a new feature called iOS in the Car, which pushes iOS interface and interaction from a connected device to a car's in-dash display. There were a number of companies signed up for the program, so it should see at least some level of sunlight. While this might not be the same type of to-the-metal integration Microsoft Sync or BlackBerry QNX or even embedded Android enjoys, given Apple won't license iOS or start building automobiles or even cameras any time soon, it does offer a possibility...

Nokia is flirting with giant camera on Windows Phones like the rumored EOS, Samsung is making both Android phones with giant cameras like the Galaxy Zoom, and cameras that run Android like the Galaxy NX. Could Apple strike a deal with Canon or Nikon or several companies in the DSLR and micro 4/3 space to either connect to iOS devices, or do a similar interface and interaction projection?

I'd love to be able to sync, share, and post the pictures I take on my DSLR as easily as I do from my iPhone, but I'm not the biggest fan of Samsung's or Microsoft's user experience. Apple loves photography, but there's a limit to the potential of an iPhone camera, especially if you want interchangeable lenses. Is there a world where Apple could take the same type of system they're working on for cars, and push it to cameras? Would you want them to?