Apple has added a new tier to the company's iCloud storage plans, doubling the maximum amount of data you can upload to their servers to a hefty two terabytes. The new 2TB plan will cost you $19.99 in the United States — and similar amounts internationally — so it isn't cheap. But it is double the space!


iCloud Storage Plans

You get 5GB of free storage in iCloud and you have the option to choose a plan for up to 2TB. Upgrade your storage option right from your Mac or iOS device.

5GB: Free

50GB: $0.99/month

200GB: $2.99/month

1TB: $9.99/month

2TB: $19.99/month

No price break on the 2TB plan, alas. But if you have multiple iOS devices to back up, and use multiple services like iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive, all that space could come in handy.

With new features already announced for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, including the ability to store your Mac Desktop and Documents folders on iCloud, and shiny things yet to be announced, all that space could come in more than handy.

I'm throwing the switch to 2TB as soon as I finish writing this. Let me know what storage plan you currently have, and what you're considering for the near future!