NTT DoCoMo reportedly doesn't want the iPhone unless they can stick their logo and crapware, er, value added services, on it. Apple, of course, doesn't allow such shenanigans. The result, apparently, is a stalemate for the two companies, and no iPhone on NTT DoCoMo for customers. So what are customers doing about it? Leaving NTT DoCoMo, it seems. Sophie Knight and Maki Shiraki report for Reuters:

DoCoMo's requirement that its company logo be imprinted on all its devices also conflicts with style-conscious Apple's insistence that its products be left as manufactured.

No carrier, not anywhere in the world, has their logo on the iPhone. So good luck with that, and with carrier exclusive features. However, Apple might also be playing hardball:

Apple. While negotiations between the two have been a strictly guarded secret, Kato's predecessor made comments at a shareholder meeting last year suggesting the U.S. company was demanding iPhones make up half of its handset sales.

Both Sprint and T-Mobile in the U.S. played chicken with Apple, and tried to hitch their competitive success to Android instead. Both blinked. NTT DoCoMo might have to as well. Apple could relax the product mix demands, but anyone think they'll allow logos or crapware on their products any time soon?

Source: Reuters