Nuu MiniKey backlit keyboard case coming soon for iPhone 5Nuu has announced that it will be launching its MiniKey keyboard case for the iPhone 5. The MiniKey keyboard case is basically a case with a slide out QWERTY keyboard aimed at iPhone users that type a lot of text on their device and would prefer a hardware keyboard to do it on.

Tired of those annoying typos or embarrassing auto-correct mistakes when using your iPhone on-screen keyboard? Type faster and more accurately with the latest NUU MiniKey now. Whether you’re texting, e-mailing or blogging, the NUU MiniKey is a great alternative to using the on-screen keyboard. Simply snap your iPhone in the case, slide the keyboard out and type away!

The Nuu MiniKey has some really nice features and if you still prefer typing on a hardware keyboard but don’t want to go down the route of a BlackBerry this could be the perfect compromise. The keyboard has 42 back-lit keys, a rechargeable battery, and connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

The case comes in at 124mm x 61mm x 17mm and adds an additional 84.6g to your iPhone 5. The Nuu MiniKey is up for pre-order right now and should be shipping on March 15. It will cost $59 and is only available in black; not great for white iPhone 5 owners.

Source: Nuu