If the Wall Street Journal wasn't enough to convince you Apple was making an iPhone for Verizon, then ladies and gentlemen we give you the paper of record:

After more than three years of using only AT&T cellphone networks, Apple is making a version of the iPhone 4 for Verizon’s network, according to a person who is in direct contact with Apple. Apple and Verizon will begin selling the phone early next year, the person said, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because the plans were supposed to be confidential and he did not want to alienate his contacts at Apple.

Some have wondered if Apple is leaking this information as a response to the incredible number of new Android handsets released at the CTIA show this week. The theory holds Apple wants people to know iPhone is coming to Verizon so they don't go ahead and buy a Droid Pro now. However, that same logic would mean anyone on the fence about getting an AT&T iPhone may now hold off a while and get a Verizon iPhone instead, hurting Apple's all-important holiday sales quarter.

It could just be that the deal is far enough along that people are starting to find out about it. Apple pre-announced the AT&T iPhone by 6 months in 2007. If they want a Verizon iPhone out by early 2011, they won't have that luxury.

And for those still saying it will have to be an LTE device, CDMA or CDMA/LTE isn't off the table according to a statement from Verizon's executive director for ecosystem development Brian Higgins, as reported by PCMag:

"We have plenty of devices we sell today on a 3G network that are potent combinations in and of themselves. I don't believe LTE would necessarily make or break any of the smartphone devices that we're actively selling today."

So TiPb nation, from Mulder to Scully, are you starting to believe?

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