Obama vs. Romney go app vs. app on iPhone

The U.S. presidential election is going mobile, with both Democratic President Barak Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney fielding iPhone apps this week to inform their respective bases and, dare we hope, the greater electorate. They're two very different apps from two very different parties and candidates, so let's take a look at them both...

The Democrat's app is Obama for America, and focuses on campaign messaging.

We’re building this campaign from the ground up, and the Obama 2012 app has all the tools you need to join the fight to move the country forward:

The Republican's app is Mitt's VP, and focuses on who'll be chosen as running mate. (And is also available for Android.)

It’s a question everyone’s asking: who will be Mitt Romney’s VP? There’s no telling when that answer might come. But when it does, be the first to find out and access exclusive content with the Mitt’s VP app.

Now I'm Canadian, where we have 238 parties, a non-elected senate, and no direct way to choose the leader of our country (the majority leader runs the place), so I have no candidate in this race. Still, I'm happy to see something as important as a national election embracing technology and mobile, and understanding the importance of reaching out to the type of people who use apps, read iMore and Mobile Nations, and regardless of political leanings, will help shape the future.

So whether you're passionate or pragmatic, you country is getting ready to call on your vote, so here's hoping everyone downloads both apps (and all apps associated with the campaigns), carefully scrutinizes both candidates across the full range of issues, and makes whatever Hobson's choice they ultimately feel is best for them and for America. (Aside from drafting Tim Cook, of course...)

Go get 'em.

Free - Download Obama for America

Free - Download Mitt's VP

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