Time to dust off your best suit and head for the courtroom, as the Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy has arrived for iOS. Available to download now from the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, this single app contains three of the classic courtroom battle titles from Capcom; Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations.

Originally released for the Game Boy Advance, and then later the Nintendo DS, Ace Attorney sees you assume the role of the lead character, Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney. From there on out you take on a multitude of cases, presenting your evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and shouting "objection!" a lot. It's a lot a fun to play. You can play it in landscape mode for better visuals, or in vertical mode for more efficient gameplay.

The app is a free download, and for that you get to play out the first two cases. After that, you can either buy each of the three titles one at a time, or as a bundle. The bundle for all three will cost you $16.99, with individual episodes priced at either $5.99 or $6.99. Having played this on the Nintendo DS in the past, I'm really happy to see this come to iOS, and already I've shouted "Objection!" too many times today! How about you guys?

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