Obscura Camera moves to version 2 with new pricing model, Photos extension and more

Obscura Camera, a solid camera app that gives you access to some advanced controls for your photographic adventures, has received an update to version 2.0, bringing a Photos extension, an improved photo browser and more. The big change with version 2.0 is that Obscura's pricing model has changed a bit: rather than being free with in-app purchases, Obscura is now $4.99 with all filters available right off the bat. Here's the breakdown of everything that's new in the latest version:

  • A Photos extension for applying Obscura's wonderful filters on photos you may have taken with other, lesser camera apps.
  • A vastly improved photo browser. You can now swipe left and right between photos. (Finally.) as well as more obvious sharing controls. (Pro tip: press and hold on a photo in the browser to bring up the share sheet)
  • Performance enhancements. So very many of them. Everything should feel snappier.

As for those who downloaded the app prior to version 2.0, it looks all of the filters are provided for free as part of this update. If you'd like to grab the update for yourself, be sure to hit up the App Store link below to check out all of the new goodies.

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