Octopus Keyboard brings BlackBerry 10's predictive keyboard to iOS devices

A new jailbreak tweak called Octopus Keyboard can bring BlackBerry 10's new predictive keyboard to your iPhone right now. Once installed your keyboard will present you with frequently used words based on what you're currently typing.

The idea behind RIM's new predictive text solution is that, after starting to type a sentence or phrase, you can swipe on the keyboard to auto-complete words. As you type, the keyboard should, in theory, get smarter and learn common phrases and words you type often. You'll notice that words on the keyboard will change as you type them. For example, if you're typing the word "frequently" it may pick it up after a keystroke or two. Just swipe up where it appears above the key and it will accept it. If it doesn't guess the word just keep typing and no auto-suggestions will be used.

This type of keyboard solution may be a great compromise between Swype keyboard technology and basic auto-correction which is what already exists in iOS devices. You don't end up accepting incorrect words by accident and don't have an extra row of data to deal with the way you typically do with Swype devices. BlackBerry's solution doesn't add anything additional to the keyboard but uses space where your fingers already are which minimizes the amount of taps and swipes you have to use.

You can hit the link below to see a demo of BlackBerry 10's new keyboard in action. While BlackBerry users will have to wait until BlackBerry 10, iOS users can check it out now for $4.99. You'll need to install the following repository within Cydia first and then you should be able to search for Octopus Keyboard.


Is this something you'd use on your iPhone regularly or do you think the current auto-correction system is good enough?