Oculus Rift

A few weeks ago, Oculus VR announced it had put Mac development of its upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on hold in favor of Windows. Now, in a new interview, Oculus founder and CEO Palmer Luckey puts the blame on that decision on low-performing AMD GPUs, specifically in its MacBooks. In a chat with IGN, Luckey said that the Rift won't support current, or even any known future MacBooks:

"One of the things that we actually announced is that we're putting Mac support on hold for launch, and focusing on Windows. People have said, 'Why don't you support Macs? So many people have Macs." It's true. A lot of people have Apple hardware, especially in the laptop space. But the GPUs in those, they're not even close to what we're pushing for our recommended spec."

Luckey added that he doesn't think that this situation will change because, in his opinion, Apple has not been interested in "prioritizing performance in their machines for some time." Oculus VR plans to launch the Oculus Rift sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

Source: IGN