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As part of its WWDC 2015 event, Apple has made a long-awaited move to merge its iOS and OS X developer programs. From now on, both will be under one roof, the Apple Developer Program, with only one fee needed to access tools and publish app for Apple's main platforms, along with watchOS for the Apple Watch.
Apple says:

The new Apple Developer Program combines everything you need to develop, distribute, and manage your apps on all Apple platforms into one single program, making it easier than ever to bring your creativity to over a billion customers around the world. Get your apps ready for the App Store on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, by enrolling in the Apple Developer Program today.

The fee itself for the program is $99. More information on the merge can be found on Apple's developer support page , including how Apple will handle the transition. Basically, developers already subscribed to one of the old programs but not the other will have their accounts updated to include both. Developers who currently are members of both of the old programs will also have their accounts automatically updated.

Source: Apple

WWDC 2015


WWDC 2015