Office for iPad

Microsoft has today unveiled a cheaper subscription option for Office 365 – Personal. Previously, consumers had to fork out $10 a month for the Home package, allowing up to 5 installations of Office. With the new iPad suite now available, the company has launched a package that limits installations, but opens up support for iPads and comes with a more affordable price tag.

So just how much will consumers be expected to pay for the new Personal edition? $65.99 a year, or $6.99 a month. That’s $3 cheaper than Home 365, a welcomed move by those who only use a single install. The packages can be purchased at, Microsoft Stores and supporting retailers.

Should you be holding off on Office 365 for a more affordable subscription package to be made available, now’s your time to get involved. Office 365 remains free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone owners.

Source: Office