Office for iPad

Microsoft generated some serious iOS news last week with the introduction of Office for iPad, but what did the iMore readership think of it? We ran a quick poll asking whether or not you guys would be picking it up and the results are stacked firmly in the favor of 'no.'

Approaching half of those polled voted to say they wouldn't be bothering with it, with only a quarter saying they were still undecided. With just over a quarter of the votes tallied a definite 'yes,' it looks like in these parts at least, Office isn't proving to be so popular.

One thing remains certain; Office for iPad is good. Really, really good. Too late to make the impact it perhaps could have done a year or two ago, but at least when it arrived it arrived in style. Perhaps these kind of apps aren't as important as they once were, or maybe Apple's free iWork suite is enough for most.

Check out the full results in the chart below. A week – and maybe a hands on, even – later, have you changed your opinion? Sound off in the comments below!