Apple has begun selling official standalone Apple Watch lugs for accessory makers to create bands and straps for the watch. Sold through Avnet, one of Apple's authorized distributors, the lugs are stainless steel and come in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. The lugs are sold in sets of 25 and 200, which cost $278.75 and $1,836 for the 38mm lugs, and $283.25 and $1,866 for the 42mm.

Apple Watch lugs

These lugs may only be used to create straps that conform to Apple's previously published Band Design Guidelines. In addition to the lugs themselves, Avnet also sells the Pentalobe 1.1 screwdriver bit required for assembly. They have also published their own lug assembly guidelines.

Shipping times for all lugs sets are currently placed at around two weeks.

Source: Avnet; Via: MacRumors