Official Mobile Nations Retina iPad wallpapers: Android Central,, webOS Nation, more!

After posting Retina-ready iPad wallpapers for iMore yesterday, we received a ton of requests for more -- you wanted the special edition iMore rainbow logo, you wanted iPhone versions, and some of you even wanted Android Central,, webOS nation, and full on Mobile Nations 2048x2048 wallpapers (don't worry, your secrets are safe with us!

So we've re-rendered everything and posted all of the above in the iMore forums. You can find them there now in both full color for the Lock screen, and in subtle gray for the home screen (in case you don't want them clashing with your app icons.

We've also been sent some amazing Retina iPad wallpapers for Serenity/Firefly, Prometheus, and the Avengers, so make sure you check out our iPad wallpaper forum for the latest and greatest.

If you've got any Retina-ready wallpapers, don't hesitate to jump in there and share them!

Note: If you have an original iPad, iPad 2, or iPhone, you can still use all of them -- iOS will automatically scale and crop them just the way you want!