TiPb T-Shirts at iPhone 4 Launch

Kachow. We did it TiPb nation. The great iPhone 4 release day of 2010 in is in the books. And what a release day it was -- lineups started the night before and extended around (and around) the block. No white iPhones were available, of course, and if you didn't have a reservation odds of even scoring a black one diminished rapidly as the day wore on.

There were lows -- yellow blotches that may or may not disappear with time, and an antenna problem if you hold it with your left hand on its left corner (which Apple now says not to do!). It made our old iPhone 3GS' look a tad dated. (Except after some people dropped one. Sigh.)

But oh, those highs -- gorgeous photos and video, FaceTime chats galore. There's a bunch of great iPhone 4-ready apps, including iMovie, and our own TiPb iPhone 4 Store is giving 10% pre-order accessories. We had iPhone 4 get ready guides, and we gave away two iPhone 4, and are getting ready to help give away another.

So now, once again rendered near exhausted by Apple’s iPhone release day, we turn the comments over to you.

Celebrate, commiserate, laugh, cry, regale us with your war stories and battle scars, or just mellow out and chat the night away. You’ve earned it.