Official YouTube app now supports iPhone 5, iPad and Airplay

Google is on a roll today; this morning, they updated Gmail for iPhone and iPad and now YouTube has been updated with optimization for the iPad and iPhone 5, AirPlay support, and more. All three of these have been huge user requests, so this is great news.

The iPad version of YouTube has a similar feel to the iPhone version and is very polished and smooth. On the left, there is a sidebar that gives quick access to your profile settings, subscriptions, and YouTube categories. For each video, you can see a list of other suggested videos, get the video info, and leave and view comments.

In addition to optimization for the iPhone 5 and iPad, YouTube now support AirPlay so that you can seamless stream videos to your Apple TV or other AirPlay supported devices. Some other new features include the ability to open your Guide of channels by tapping the YouTube logo and add and remove videos from your playlists. Links included in video descriptions are now also clickable and accessibility with VoiceOver has been improved.

I am very pleased with this update and happy with the Google team to release two great updates, today. My favorite feature of the YouTube is iPad support, as I've been waiting for this for a very long time. If I'm going to sit back and actually browse through YouTube and search for videos, it's going to be with my iPad, not my iPhone.

What about you? Are you happy with the update? Why or why not?

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