OKDOTHIS gives you lots of photo ideas, encourages creativity and image sharing

OKDOTHIS for iPhone is a new photo app that not only lets you take photos and share them, but gives you ideas for what those photos could be of. You can then share those photos with the OKDOTHIS community as well as view and download other people's creations.

The main premise of OKDOTHIS is to encourage people to be creative with their photos. The main page lets you choose a "Do" that you'd like to particpate in. Just snap a photo, add a filter, and share it. If you come up with an interesting "Do" that you think others would be interested in, you can create one to share with others as well.

OKDOTHIS can import information from your Twitter or Facebook so you don't have to create a profile but you still need to create an account with the service. After that you can start searching for friends and interacting with other users of the service.

If you happen to try out OKDOTHIS, let us know what you think! Have you found image ideas you never would have even thought of before?

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