InfoWorld's Peter Bruzzese is the kind of IT guy who's old enough to have lived through every major paradigm shift in technology. When not plodding along at his Windows workstation, surrounded by a sea of blade servers, he's regaling colleagues and friends with his adventures back in the heady days of DOS computers and UNIX mainframes. The very mention of OS/2 gets him misty eyed, and if you see him hunched over a book about Fortran, well... just leave him be.

So when the old Windows warhorse suddenly took a shine to iPhone, people began wondering... and worrying. Somehow this grizzled old Windows veteran became an iPhone lover, wildly exploring its features like a five year-old in a McDonald's playland, without the greasy fingerprints and spilled drinks.

But old habbits are hard to break. Peter is still heavily rooted in his Windows world, and continues using a Windows Mobile 6 device for its Exchange DirectPush support. So he wanders through the hallowed halls of InfoWorld wearing a Batman utility belt and pouched vest to carry his iPhone, Windows Mobile phone, Pager, GPS receiver, tape recorder, and PalmPilot. He's old school, but all class.