Olloclip launches iPhone 5 fisheye, wide angled and macro lens, available end of November If you use your iPhone for any serious photography, the chances are you will have come across the olloclip lens before. The good news, if you have an iPhone 5, is that olloclip has launched a new version of its hugely popular three in one lens especially for Apples's latest handset.The iPhone 5 version of the olloclip lens offers the same features as its predecessors' namely a fish-eye lens, wide angled lens and a macro lens.

The olloclip lens system is a compact, convenient lens system that easily slides over your iPhone 5 camera and turns it into a fun, flexible, photography powerhouse. The olloclip contains both a fisheye and wide-angle lens, and you can unscrew the wide-angle to reveal a macro lens as well. That's 3 extra options in one small package.

The iPhone 5 version will be available at the end of November and comes in red, black and white with black lenses. The price will be the same as the previous versions which are available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S; $69.99 plus shipping will get you one of these great accessories. If you're looking to get a bit extra from your iPhone 5 camera than digital zoom, picking one of these up could significantly improve your camera prowess.

Source: Olloclip