Mobile photography fans will already be familiar with Olloclip's iPhone 5 lens which provides excellent macro, wide-angle, and fisheye capbailities. At CES 2013, they began showing off a new case to go along with it called the Photo Dock. It offers a flip-up section which doubles as an access point for an Olloclip as well as a more prominent shutter button. Along the bottom of the case is a removable section that has tripod mounts in both vertical and horizontal orientations, as well as a shoe mount if you want to get fancy with LED lighting or an external microphone.

I'm really digging how this case stands to offer a lot of functionality and a moderate amount of protection without getting too unwieldly. The only other real competitor in the integrated photography space is Diff, but being able to pare everything down to a slim, simple case may give Olloclip the edge. Expect the Photo Dock case to become available by the end of this quarter for around $50. Any takers?