OmniOutliner 4 arrives on the Mac with a new look and much more

The Omni Group has released OmniOutliner 4, the latest version of their popular outlining software for Mac. The app's new architecture also comes along with several major new features, including a completely revamped user interface.

The new interface includes a number of major updates. Styles are now much easier to use thanks to the new sidebar and cleaner inspectors. You can change up styles using Theme Styling. You can select a theme template that you want, and let OmniOutliner do the rest. You can also zoom your text easily without disrupting your printing or page settings.

Other new features includ clikcable links, Smart Matching, and new date parsing logic. These are available in both the standard and Pro versions of OmniOutliner 4. The pro version also includes support for AppleScript, note customization, and export to Microsoft Word's .docx format.

OmniOutliner 4 is currently available on The Omni Group's store, and is coming to the Mac App Store soon. New users will pay $49.99 for a individual license of the standard app, and $99.99 for a Pro license. Family packs of either standard or Pro cost $74.99 and $149.99, respectively. Anyone who has purchased OmniOutliner 3 since January 6, 2011 will be able to upgrade to version 4 for free, both through the web store and the Mac App Store. Those that purchased OmniOutliner 3 before that date are eligible for upgrade pricing from the Omni Group store.

Update: Now available in the Mac App Store (MAS) as well!

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