One dock to rule them all: Everdock

FUZ Designs - comprising former employees of popular iOS peripheral maker ZAGG - is working on the Everdock. It's one dock to rule them all - it works with iPhones, iPads and iPad minis, even Android devices. FUZ is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and has greatly exceeded their goal (by a factor of almost five).

$49 via KickStarter gets you an Everdock - FUZ expects to sell then for $69 at retail once they're available (production should start in December). The Everdock Duo (with two docks in a single stand) costs $69.

The Everdock is made of aluminum and comes in finishes to match Apples' iPhone 5s models - Space Grey, Gold and Silver. The dock design is modular and removable, with cable channels underneath to get cords out of the way. The Everdock comes with a Micro USB cable to connect to most Android devices, and works also with Apple Lightning and 30-pin Dock Connector cables. FUZ is making the Everdock in single and dual-dock designs.

Originally FUZ set out to raise $50,000 through Kickstarter to back production of the Everdock. With 16 days to go, they've raised almost $240,000. Their first stretch goal, at $200,000, provided buyers with a choice of custom colors for their Everdock. If they reach their $300,000 stretch goal, backers will get a second color.