RetroMacCast co-host John Leake recently completed a one-third size replica of an original beige Macintosh. The tiny computer is built out of PVC and it runs off of a Raspberry Pi motherboard, using a 3.5-inch LCD as a display, reports Cult of Mac.

The one-off creation runs Mini vMac, a Macintosh emulator that works on Linux. The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit sized computer developed in the UK which works with some Linux distributions. Also inside are the components of a four-port USB hub, which connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongles, and provide two additional external ports for attaching other devices. The tiny Mac even has an HDMI output and Ethernet connectivity.

It's worth noting that Mini vMac also runs on modern-day Macs, so if you want to get a taste of "classic" Mac operations (and you can lay your hands on a ROM file and the requisite system disks to get it to operate), you can download Mini vMac yourself.

You can listen to Leake and his cohost James discuss the one-third scale Mac on episode 298 of the RetroMacCast podcast.

Source: Cult of Mac